15-Year Old Syrian Executed in Front of Classmates

Pressure on the Syrian regime has increased after a 15-year-old schoolboy was murdered by government thugs.

Mohammed Mulla Eissa’s only crime was refusing to join a pro-regime march when ordered to do so by militiamen who had come to his school.

The boy was apparently shot in front of his classmates; beaten with truncheons; and then killed after an officer ordered: ‘Shoot him again to make sure he dies.’

Victim: 15-year-old Mohammed Mulla Eissa was killed at school for refusing to join a pro-regime demonstration

Mohammed’s death brought the total number of children killed in the Syrian uprising to 282.

But this one has further galvanised the opposition to Bashar al-Assad’s Baathist regime, due to the appallingly public nature of the killing, and video recordings of Mohammed with blood gushing from his chest.

His funeral attracted 20,000 mourners, and the street where he lived in the town of Deir al-Zour, in the east of the country, has been renamed after him.

Fulsome tributes to his memory have marked him out as an icon of the resistance to Assad. One said: ‘He left for school; now he is a school unto himself,’ while another dubbed him ‘Martyr Mohammed’.

Read the complete story at Daily Mail UK.


2 thoughts on “15-Year Old Syrian Executed in Front of Classmates

  1. Truly pathetic. Unbelievable. Tragic.

  2. so much pressure in my throat right now it’s crazy! i think it’s bad acid reflux! webmd says i have a heart attack or pneumonia lol

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